Matt Costantini and Jimmy Sullivan return to review the first half of the college football season, discuss last week's games, and detail why Texas is back. Listen here!

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With the regular season officially underway, Matt Constantini, Jackson Heil, and Jack Caldwell break down the early concerns for the Rangers, Rick Nash's future, the Islanders hot start and much more! 

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Matt Costantini and Jimmy Sullivan are back for another week of College Gridiron! The guys go into detail on Penn State's disastrous finish against Ohio State, the Kelly Bryant transfer situation, and whether or not this is the year for Notre Dame. Listen here! 

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In our final episode before regular season hockey begins, Jackson Heil, Matt Costantini and Nicholas Lehman preview how the Western Conference will unfold, make our Stanley Cup and trophy picks (Hart, Vezina, Norris, Calder and Rocket Richard), and much more! 

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In this week's edition of FUV FC, Jackson Heil, Luke Fiore, and Rich Franco discuss the futures of Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, the catastrophe that is the FIFA World 11, and much more!

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The week 5 episode of College Gridiron is here! Matt Costantini, Jimmy Sullivan, and Jackson Heil sit down to discuss last week's games, quarterback changes, and this Saturday's games. Listen here:

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Five on Three is back! Matt Costantini and Jackson Heil discuss who's going to win the Atlantic division, whether the Devils will get back to the playoffs, and what to expect throughout the rest of the Eastern Conference this upcoming season. 

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Matt Costantini and Jimmy Sullivan return this week to rant about the state of their teams and look ahead to this week's games! Listen here:

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In FUV FC's return, Christian Hoban and Luke Fiore discuss whether Hugo Lloris should lose his captaincy at Tottenham, Harry Kane, and much more!

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Matt Costantini and Jimmy Sullivan are back for the week 3 edition of college gridiron! In this episode, we discuss last week's games (Clemson-Texas A&M, USC-Stanford, Michigan St.-Arizona St.) as well as give a preview of what's on tap in week 3. Listen here!

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Episode 2 of College Gridiron is here! Matt Costantini and Jimmy Sullivan discuss the disappointing performances from Miami, Michigan, and Florida State, as well as offer a preview of this weekend's games. Listen below:

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WFUV's College Gridiron is back for the 2018 season! Matt Costantini and Jimmy Sullivan discuss the upcoming season as well as the Urban Meyer situation at Ohio State. 

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John Furlong, Jackson Heil and Christian Hoban have World Cup Fever! They break down groups A-H, pick the tournament winner and discuss teams/players will underwhelm/surprise us in Russia!

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Luke Fiore and Mir Ghouri join John Furlong to recap the Champions League semi-finals and debate on who has the upper hand for the May 26th final. Will this match alone determine who wins next year's Ballon D'or?

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Christian Hoban joins Jackson Heil to discuss Liverpool's 5-2 victory in the first leg of the UCL Semifinals, Mo Salah winning PFA Player of the Year, and review the PFA team of the season. 


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The FUV FC staff are infected with Champions League fever! John Furlong, Luke Fiore and Christian Hoban discuss Roma's stunning elimination of Barcelona, Liverpool's domination of Manchester City, and Real Madrid sneaking past Juventus and into the competition's semifinals. Did the referee make the right call in awarding a late penalty to the two-time defending champions?


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Who are your 5 favorite college basketball players of all time? Tweet @StudentSecPod and use the hashtag #Section5 to join the conversation!

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Jackson Heil joins John Furlong for an incendiary episode of FUV FC, as they discuss the departures of both Chelsea and Manchester United from the Champions League. Should Jose Mourinho be fired after his team's disastrous performance against Sevilla? Is there even a chance Antonio Conte returns to London next season?

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Join the guys as they talk about the local teams, Alexander Ovechkin hitting a major milestone, and what teams could fall out or jump into the playoffs!

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A full breakdown of the 2018 NCAA Tournament, region-by-region (SOUTH ~4:25, WEST ~17:00, EAST ~24:50, MIDWEST ~37:05). You can never get enough info and predictions to help you win that office pool! Matt Murphy, Tom Scibelli, and Dan DiOrio are joined by special guest James Decker to give potential upsets, Final Four picks, and more.

Follow us on Twitter @StudentSecPod!


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It's FUV FC's annual MLS Preview extravaganza! Join John Furlong, NYCFC reporter Dom Muscarella and Red Bulls reporter Brianna Leverty as they recap the off-seasons of their respective clubs, review early-season matches and predict where their teams will finish in the table. Will NYCFC finally advance to the conference finals? Are a young Red Bulls squad a threat now or do they need more time to develop?

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This Selection Sunday preview episode of The Student Section features Seth Davis of CBS Sports and The Athletic. The episode also includes segments from One on One, New York's Longest Running Sports Call-In Show (WFUV Sports). Matt Murphy and Tom Scibelli hosted the show on Saturday, March 10. 

Follow us on Twitter @StudentSecPod!

Also, stay tuned for a full bracket breakdown episode coming Tues. morning. 

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On this episode of FUV FC, John Furlong, Christian Hoban, and Mir Ghouri discuss the untimely passing of Fiorentina captain Davide Astori. They also recap Spurs's collapse against Juventus and preview Liverpool-Man United. Plus: do Chelsea really have a shot at advancing past Barcelona in the Champions League?

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It's conference championship week, and the guys have you covered. Matt Murphy, Tom Scibelli, and Dan DiOrio recap the Big Ten and other tournaments from last week, and then preview this week's big tournaments- ACC, Big East, Big 12, SEC, and more. They wrap up with some Final Four picks based on Joe Lunardi's bracketology. Follow @studentsecpod on Twitter. 

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Christian Hoban joins John Furlong to discuss Man United-Chelsea, the race for Top 4 in the EPL, and the disaster of a club that is Arsenal FC. Plus, Christian rants against VAR- how long will it take to work out all of the kinks?


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With the NHL trade deadline now in the rear-view, our hosts (Matt Costantini, Jackson Heil, and Nicholas Lehman) recap the moves.

Listen to hear their take on the locals, especially the new-look Rangers.

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ESPN Bracketologist Joe Lunardi joins the show again (47:30) after the guys discuss the NCAA payment scandal, the top upcoming games on the schedule, and update the standings in the Starting 5 segment.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the remainder of the college basketball season @StudentSecPod!

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On the latest episode of FUV FC, Jackson Heil and Luke Fiore discuss the recent results in Champion's League play, Paul Pogba's future at Manchester United, and our EPL Golden Boot and Player of the Year candidates.

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With the trade deadline just six days away, Jackson Heil, Matt Constantini, and Nicholas Lehman tell you what to expect this upcoming week from the locals and the rest of the league.

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On this week's FUV FC, Christian Hoban, Jackson Heil, and Luke Fiore discuss the latest results in the Premier League and the tough race for top four, the unfortunate retirement of Ryan Mason due to injury, and a slew of interesting results in the Champions League. Is Ronaldo back? Can anybody challenge Manchester United for second? Will Christian Eriksen leave Tottenham? And much more!

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After a two month hiatus, Five on Three returns with Matt Constantini, Jackson Heil and Nicholas Lehman discussing the recent play of the three Metropolitan-area teams, the upcoming Olympics and taking a look around the rest of the league.
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This episode includes an interview with George Washington's Patrick Steeves and his sister, Erika, who plays for Brown! The Montreal natives discuss topics such as their upbringing, their bond, and how they've dealt with adversity. 

Also: Matt, Tom, and Dan break down Sunday's NCAA Tournament "Bracket Preview" after the interview. Pat and Erika join the show ~3 minutes in. Follow us on Twitter @StudentSecPod

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Episode 16 includes an interview with ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi! Joe gives his thoughts on various aspects of the NCAA Tournament during halftime of last Saturday's Fordham-Saint Joe's game. The interview begins around the 6:30 mark. 

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FUV FC is back from winter break with its first episode of 2018! Christian Hoban and Jackson Heil join John Furlong to discuss Alexis's move to Manchester United, Real Madrid's struggles, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's potential move to Arsenal. Plus: what team currently outside the EPL top 4 has the best chance to break into it?

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It's a part road show as Matt Murphy and Dan DiOrio are live from an Applebee's near St. Bonaventure, while Tom Scibelli holds it down in the Bronx. The guys recap Tuesday's night of action, preview games to come, give updates on their "Starting 5" teams, and debate the best team in the country. Follow @StudentSecPod on Twitter. 

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A special New Year's edition of The Student Section college basketball podcast that features the best clips from past interviews with players from 8 different conferences: William Lee (UAB), Trae Bell-Haynes (Vermont), Brandon Goodwin (FGCU), Drew Eubanks (Oregon State), Kevin Hervey (UT-Arlington), Alize Johnson (Missouri State), Tyler Hall (Montana State), Josh Braun (Grand Canyon) are featured in that order. 

Bonus: Reags (Barstool Sports) and James Decker (Student Section alum).

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