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On this week's FUV FC, Christian Hoban, Jackson Heil, and Luke Fiore discuss the latest results in the Premier League and the tough race for top four, the unfortunate retirement of Ryan Mason due to injury, and a slew of interesting results in the Champions League. Is Ronaldo back? Can anybody challenge Manchester United for second? Will Christian Eriksen leave Tottenham? And much more!

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This episode includes an interview with George Washington's Patrick Steeves and his sister, Erika, who plays for Brown! The Montreal natives discuss topics such as their upbringing, their bond, and how they've dealt with adversity. 

Also: Matt, Tom, and Dan break down Sunday's NCAA Tournament "Bracket Preview" after the interview. Pat and Erika join the show ~3 minutes in. Follow us on Twitter @StudentSecPod

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Episode 16 includes an interview with ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi! Joe gives his thoughts on various aspects of the NCAA Tournament during halftime of last Saturday's Fordham-Saint Joe's game. The interview begins around the 6:30 mark. 

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FUV FC is back from winter break with its first episode of 2018! Christian Hoban and Jackson Heil join John Furlong to discuss Alexis's move to Manchester United, Real Madrid's struggles, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's potential move to Arsenal. Plus: what team currently outside the EPL top 4 has the best chance to break into it?

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It's a part road show as Matt Murphy and Dan DiOrio are live from an Applebee's near St. Bonaventure, while Tom Scibelli holds it down in the Bronx. The guys recap Tuesday's night of action, preview games to come, give updates on their "Starting 5" teams, and debate the best team in the country. Follow @StudentSecPod on Twitter. 

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