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Mack Rosenberg and Alex Smith Recap the Rams' loss in the first round of the Preseason NIT.

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In the penultimate edition of Monday Night Quarterback Rams head coach Joe Moorhead talks to Fordham broadcaster Mike Watts about his team's win over Lafayette 36-26. Coach Moorhead also breaks down what the team did to come back against Lafayette what it needs to do to take down Colgate, which has clinched the Patriot League.

Defensive Line Coach Peter McCarty is in the X's and O's Segment talking about the Bandit position in the Fordham D.

Finally, Mike goes Inside the Huddle with sophomore strong safety Jake Dixon and senior running back Carlton Koonce. Carlton talks about going for the school record in single season rushing yards next week.

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The Fordham Rams defeated the Lafayette Leopards 36-27 at Jack Coffey Field.

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Listen to the One on One Postgame Report with Mack Rosenberg, Mike Valdetara, and associate head coach David Duke.

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Interviews with Patrick Ewing, Dikembe Mutombo, Father McShane, David Roach, and Head Coach Tom Pecora.

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Coach Moorhead talks with Fordham broadcasters Alex Smith and Mike Watts about the team’s loss to Bucknell, including Fordham’s final drive with a chance to win the ball game. In the X's and O's Segment defensive coordinator David Blackwell talks about the strong play of his linebackers throughout the season. Finally, the guys go Inside the Huddle with linebacker Jake Rodriques and kicker Partick Murray.

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Listen to the One on One Postgame Report below with Mack Rosenberg, Alex Smith, and Mike Watts.

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Coach Moorhead breaks down Fordham's last second victory over Holy Cross, to win the Ram-Crusader Cup. Fordham broadcasters Alex Smith and Mike Watts talk with coach Moorhead about preparations for Bucknell. The guys are also joined by running backs coach Tim Zetts in the X's and O's Segment. Then, they go Inside the Huddle with game MVP, running back Carlton Koonce and cornerback Ian Williams.

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Coach Moorhead evaluates his team's performance thus far in his first year as a head coach. He talks about what the team has done over the bye week to prepare for Holy Cross. Fordham broadcasters Alex Smith, Mike Watts and DJ Sixsmith offer their insight on the first seven games Fordham Rams season.

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Alex Smith sits down with Fordham's new Athletic Director, David Roach, on One on One to discuss his first week at the school, as well as future plans he has for the various teams and facilities.

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