The Student Section, College Football Edition is now the College Gridiron Podcast! Mir Ghouri and Matt Constantini discuss, as always, the biggest matchups in College Football this weekend, and debate whether anyone will catch Saquon Barkley for Heisman. 

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The month of October brings UAB's William Lee into The Student Section! Matt Murphy, Tom Scibelli, and Dan DiOrio talk to the reigning 2x Conference USA Defensive Player of the Year about his unique nickname, the NBA Draft process, and more on this week's show. "HaHa" Lee joins the guys around the 2:42 mark.

More great guests on the way as The Student Section continues its "Player Feature" series leading up to the 2017-18 college basketball season!

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On this episode of the Monday Night Quarterback, James Corrigan and Tommy Aldrich recap the Rams' loss to Yale and look ahead to this week's matchup against Lafayette with Head Coach Andrew Breiner, Cornerbacks Coach Darrell Perkins, DB Caleb Ham and RB Zach Davis.

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This is our official 2017-2018 season preview!

Raffaele Elia, Matt Murphy and Matt Costantini layout the conferences and pick the tops and bottoms of the divisions.

Comment your thoughts and join the discussion.

Tune in every Monday for FIVE ON THREE!

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On the latest episode of the FUV FC podcast, Rich Franco and Christian Hoban discuss NYCFC clinching a playoff berth, Tuesday's Champions League matches and his weekend's massive Chelsea- Man City showdown. Will the top 4 change at all before the end of the season?

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This week, Oregon State's Drew Eubanks steps into The Student Section to chat with Matt Murphy, Tom Scibelli, and Dan DiOrio. Eubanks averaged 14.5 points per game and 8.3 rebounds per game en route to an All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention selection last season. He joins the show just after the 2:20 mark.

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On this episode of the Monday Night Quarterback, James Corrigan and Tommy Aldrich recap the Rams' loss to Bryant with Head Coach Andrew Breiner, Offensive Line Coach Tommy Galt, LB Glenn Cunnigham and TE Isaiah Searight.


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Raffaele Elia, Matt Murphy, and Matt Costantini talk the Off-season for the teams around the league focusing on the Rangers, Islanders and Devils.

The guys also give their "Way too early" season predictions.

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Christian Hoban and Mir Ghouri join John Furlong take sides in the Edinson Cavani vs. Neymar dispute, decide whether Manchester City and Manchester United's weekend victory was more impressive, and discuss whether Chelsea and Tottenham's draws are causes for concern. 

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Season 2 of The Student Section podcast is here! Matt Murphy and Tom Scibelli are getting an early start on the college basketball season with player interviews from conferences all over the country. Up first is Trae Bell-Haynes, a star guard from the University of Vermont who led his team to the NCAA Tournament last season out of the America East. Trae joins the show just after the 2:15 mark. 

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