In this week's edition of FUV FC, Jackson Heil, Luke Fiore, and Rich Franco discuss the futures of Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, the catastrophe that is the FIFA World 11, and much more!

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The week 5 episode of College Gridiron is here! Matt Costantini, Jimmy Sullivan, and Jackson Heil sit down to discuss last week's games, quarterback changes, and this Saturday's games. Listen here:

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Five on Three is back! Matt Costantini and Jackson Heil discuss who's going to win the Atlantic division, whether the Devils will get back to the playoffs, and what to expect throughout the rest of the Eastern Conference this upcoming season. 

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Matt Costantini and Jimmy Sullivan return this week to rant about the state of their teams and look ahead to this week's games! Listen here:

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In FUV FC's return, Christian Hoban and Luke Fiore discuss whether Hugo Lloris should lose his captaincy at Tottenham, Harry Kane, and much more!

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Matt Costantini and Jimmy Sullivan are back for the week 3 edition of college gridiron! In this episode, we discuss last week's games (Clemson-Texas A&M, USC-Stanford, Michigan St.-Arizona St.) as well as give a preview of what's on tap in week 3. Listen here!

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Episode 2 of College Gridiron is here! Matt Costantini and Jimmy Sullivan discuss the disappointing performances from Miami, Michigan, and Florida State, as well as offer a preview of this weekend's games. Listen below:

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WFUV's College Gridiron is back for the 2018 season! Matt Costantini and Jimmy Sullivan discuss the upcoming season as well as the Urban Meyer situation at Ohio State. 

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